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The Wellex Industries Incorporated believes in strong partnerships. Thus, we are constantly in search of companies who share our vision and with whom we can develop the opportunities that the Philippines has to offer.

35th Floor, One Corporate Center
Julia Vargas Ave. corner Meralco Ave.
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605

Telephone:  (632) 706-7888
Facsimile:    (632) 706-5982
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Telephone : (632) 706-7888

Facsimile  :  (632) 706-5982

                    (632) 706-5980



35th Floor, One Corporate Center

Julia Vargas Ave. corner Meralco Ave.

Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605

Our Profile & History

The origins of Metro Alliance go back to 1929, when the Marsman family established Marsman & Company, Inc. (Marsman) as a management and trading company. By 1940, the company had diversified into pharmaceutical and food products which came with the acquisition of the Insular Drug Company and the Pacific Commercial Company. After World War II, Marsman was listed in the Manila Stock Exchange and, over the years, steadily developed its client base until became one of the country’s largest distribution companies.

In 1987, majority ownership of Marsman was sold to the Zuellig Group. From the time it was acquired by the Zuellig group, major changes had taken place both in divestments of non-profitable business and acquisition of new business to give the company a new vision. Notable among these changes was the shift from pure distribution business carried by companies like Metro Drug, Inc., JDH-Zuellig (Philippines), Inc. and EAC Distributors, Inc. to chemical manufacturing when the company bought a controlling interest in Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation (MVC). Starting in 2000, MVC remained a major investment of the company.

In its quest for expansion and improvement of its future viability as an investment and management company, it negotiated the acquisition of Bataan Polyehtylene Plant through a debt purchase of the secured debt papers of Bataan Polyethylene Corporation (BPC).

Acquisition Transactions

The Company and Polymax Worldwide Limited (Polymax), its special purpose entity incorporated in British Virgin Island entered into a series of acquisition transactions (see details below) to acquire ownership of the petrochemical plant of NPC Alliance Corp. (NPCA), which resulted in a 2006 disputed sale of Polymax’s 60% interest in NPCA to NPC International Limited (NPCI) and Petrochemical Industries Investment Company (PIIC).

On December 4, 2003, the Company entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Polymax, whereby the Company confirmed the designation of Polymax as the acquiring company in the proposed acquisition of the senior secured debt papers of BPC from International Finance Corporation (IFC). Under the MOA, the Company and Polymax agreed that (a) the acquisition of the secured debt paper would be for the account and benefit of the Company; (b) the funding for the acquisition would be provided and arranged by the Company; and (c) the exercise of creditor rights arising from the secured debts via foreclosure and takeover of the assets of BPC would be directed by and for the account and benefit of the Company. In addition, the Company would make certain advances to Polymax.

On December 19, 2003, Polymax and IFC entered into an Assignment and Transfer Agreement (the Agreement) for the purchase by the former of the senior secured debt papers of BPC. The Company advanced to Polymax the initial deposit of US$5 million, which was remitted to IFC for the assignment payment, pursuant to the terms of the Agreement. On February 11, 2004, IFC confirmed that it has received the full payment for the assignment of the senior secured debt papers of BPC.

To partially finance the Company’s advances relating to the Petrochemical Project, the Company obtained short-term loans from local banks (see Note 9). With the delay in the completion of the activities and the conditions required for the Petrochemical Project, the Company was unable to pay the bank loans on maturity dates. As of December 31, 2006, the amounts payable to the banks totaled 866.7 million, consisting of the outstanding principal balance of 378.3 million and finance charges of 488.4 million. In 2007 these past due liabilities were transferred to and applied against the advances made to Polymax.

Pursuant to the Company’s plan of acquiring full control of BPC, instead of exercising creditor rights, the Company, on April 16, 2004, entered into a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) with BPC, Tybalt Investment Limited (TIL), BP Holdings International B.V. (BPHI) and Petronas Philippines, Inc. (PPI) with TIL as the purchase of the 83% interest of the foreign shareholders of BPC. As agreed by the parties, the SPA is to take effect as of March 31, 2004, subject to closing conditions, as defined in the SPA, which the parties have to comply with within a period of 60 days or later if the conditions are not met.

On July 7, 2005, Polymax and BPC executed a Deed of Conveyance, transferring to Polymax under an asset for share swap, the petrochemical plant of BPC in exchange for 85 million common shares of Polymax with par value of US$1 per share, or a total par value of US$85 million.

On July 20, 2005, the Company, Polymax and NPC International Limited (NPCI) entered into an SPA which provided that, subject to certain conditions, including the transfer of the petrochemical plant of BPC free from encumbrances, NPCI will acquire 60% of the issued share capital of NPC Alliance, Corp. (NPCA) from Polymax.

On August 9, 2005, Polymax and NPCA executed a Deed of Conveyance, transferring to NPCA, under an asset for share swap, the same petrochemical plant in exchange for 4.8 million shares of common stock of NPCA with a total par value of 4.8 billion, resulting in 100% ownership interest of Polymax in NPCA.

On November 15, 2005, BPC and Polymax executed a Deed of Assignment whereby BPC transferred and conveyed to Polymax all its rights and interest to Polymax’s 85 million shares of common stock, with a total value of US$85 million, in exchange for the discharge of a portion of BPC’s secured debt, which was acquired by Polymax from IFC, up to the extent of the value of the shares transferred.  Polymax retired the said shares 10 days from the date the Deed of Assignment.

On December 16, 2005, Polymax, NPCI, Petrochemical Industries Investment Company (PIIC) and the Company entered into an amended SPA whereby NPCI and PIIC will purchase 40% and 20% of NPCA’s shares of common stock, respectively, from Polymax.  In addition to the conditions set forth in the original SPA, the amended SPA also involves advances to be provided by NPCI amounting to US$15 million representing an advance payment which may be used to fund the bona fide third party costs of NPCA or BPC for the recommissioning, operation and maintenance of the petrochemical plant or such other third party cost or expenses, taxes or duties as agreed between Polymax and NPCI.

On the same date, the Company, NPCI and PIIC entered into a Guaranteed and Indemnity agreement whereby the Company irrevocably and unconditionally guaranteed the prompt performance and observance by Polymax and the payment on demand by Polymax of all moneys, obligations and liabilities which are now or at any time after the execution of the agreement become due from or owning or incurred by Polymax under or in connection with any of the SPA and the Shareholders’ Agreement. The Company also guaranteed that it shall be liable for Polymax’s obligations, as if it were a principal debtor, if Polymax’s obligations are no longer recoverable from Polymax.

On March 18, 2006, Polymax, NPCI, PIIC and the Company entered into an Agreement of Variation (March 2006 Variation Agreement) to vary and amend the terms of the Amended and Restated Share Purchase Agreement (ARSPA) and the Shareholders’ Agreement entered on December 16, 2005.  Under the March 2006 Variation Agreement, completion of the conditions and conditions subsequent set forth in the ARSPA was extended to April 30, 2006.  Moreover, additional conditions that Polymax needs to satisfy prior to completion were agreed upon.

On the same date, Polymax and NPCI executed a Deed of Absolute Sale whereby Polymax sold, transferred and conveyed to NPCI all the rights, title and interest in 19,090,000 NPCA shares of common stock, equivalent to 40% ownership interest, for a consideration of 1.91 billion.

On September 11, 2006, Polymax, NPCI, PIIC, the Company and NPCA entered into another Agreement of Variation (September 2006 Variation Agreement) to further vary and amend the terms of the ARSPA and the Shareholders’ Agreement (both initially amended and varied by the March 2006 Variation Agreement).  Polymax, in accordance with its obligations under the ARSPA, had notified NPCI and PIIC that it is aware that certain conditions will not be fulfilled by April 30, 2006. As a result, the parties agreed to transfer to PIIC the 9,545,000 NPCA shares of common stock prior to completion, while certain conditions will become conditions subsequent to be completed on December 31, 2006.

On September 20, 2006, Polymax and PIIC executed a Deed of Absolute Sale whereby Polymax sold, transferred and conveyed to PIIC all the rights, title and interest in 9,545,000 NPCA shares of common stock, equivalent to 20% ownership interest, for a consideration of 954.5 million.

On December 31, 2006, the ARSPA Variation Agreement expired with the conditions subsequent remaining unsettled. Nevertheless NPCI and PCII took control of the petrochemical plant resulting in a dispute with the Company and Polymax, which considered the sale of Polymax’s 40% and 20% interest in the petrochemical plant to NPCI and PCII as null and void.  

On August 21, 2007, the petrochemical plant started commercial operations under NPCI and PIIC.  

Subsequently on August 27, 2013, the Company and Polymax (“Respondents”) entered into a settlement agreement with NPCI, PIIC and NPC (“Claimants”) to resolve the dispute arising from the uncompleted acquisition transactions described above.

By letter dated October 31, 2013, the Claimants informed the Tribunal that the Parties to all three arbitrations had settled their disputes and that they wished to cease the proceedings. A request was made, to which the Respondents concurred by letter dated November 21, 2013, that the Tribunal issue a procedural order to record that the proceedings be withdrawn by agreement.

By letter dated November 22, 2013, the Tribunal agreed to make the order requested and said that it would fix the cost of the arbitration. In response to the Tribunal’s enquiry about the Parties’ own legal costs and expenses, the Respondents said that no party was seeking an order that another party should contribute to its legal cost.  

The Claimants requested time to seek instructions from their clients in response to the Tribunal’s enquiry. On October 2, 2014, the Claimants requested the Tribunal to issue Orders in each arbitration recording withdrawal of the Proceedings by agreement of the Parties, and fixing costs and returning the Claimants deposit against costs, following the deduction of any outstanding sums owing to the Tribunal. It is apparent from this letter as well as the response of the Respondent that none of the Parties are seeking an order in respect of their own cost.

It is also apparent from the Parties’ submissions to the Tribunal that they agreed that this arbitration should be terminated and that the Tribunal should fix the costs of the arbitration. Further, as only the Claimants have made deposits towards those costs, it is appropriate that, after deducting from those deposits the cost of the arbitration as fixed by this Order, the balance held by the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) should be returned to the Claimants.



Metro Combined Logistics Solutions, Inc. (MCLSI) (Formerly GAC Logistics, Inc. (GACL)

MCLSI is 51% owned by MAHEC, by virtue of a joint venture agreement with Gulf Agency Company (GAC) which owns the other 49%.  MCLSI was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 30, 1998. MCLSI is primarily engaged in carrying on all or part of the business of contract logistics and supply chain management services, including third party warehousing and distribution, consultancy and project management and value added services to customers throughout the Philippines. MCLSI’s business is steadily growing with the entry of new principals and additional businesses from its existing principals.  

Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation (MVC)

Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation (MVC) was 42.69% owned by MAHEC as of December 31, 2006. In 2007, the Company sold its 37.69% interest in MVC, retaining 5% which was reclassified to AFS investments and ceased to be a subsidiary as of December 31, 2007. The remaining 5% was subsequently sold in 2012.

Non-operating Subsidiaries


Consumer Products Distribution Services, Inc. (CPDSI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Metro Alliance.  It was first incorporated on November 11, 1993 as Metro Drug Distribution, Inc. (MDDI). In November 7, 1997, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the renaming of MDDI to CPDSI. Prior to 2002, CPDSI was involved in providing logistics and administrative services in connection with the sale and distribution of principals’ products. The last service agreement expired in 2002. In January 2002, CPDSI shifted into the business of importation and toll manufacturing of propylene and distribution of polypropylene in the local market. In April 2003, CPDSI ceased its polypropylene business operations due to the substantial increase in prices of imported raw materials. Management intends to continue pursuing the petrochemical business. Currently, CPDSI has no business operations. The six CPDSI employees handle the administrative function.

FEZ-EAC Holdings, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Corporation in November 11, 2002.  It was incorporated in February 3, 1994.  It ceased operations at the end of 2001 following the expiration of the third party logistics contract of its subsidiary with Phillip Morris Philippines, Inc.

Zuellig Distributors, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Corporation.  It ceased operations in June 30, 1999 following the expiration of its exclusive distribution agreement with its single principal.  It was incorporated in October 18, 1985.

Asia Healthcare, Inc. is 60% owned by the Corporation.  AHI was first incorporated in July 2, 1918.  In August 2000, the Corporation invested in AHI.  However, in 2002, it ceased operations due to heavy losses.  The low volume and minimal margin on the sales of pharmaceutical products have not been sufficient to cover the costs of the services and products provided by AHI.  Consequently, AHI was constrained to terminate contracts with its clients and cease its business operations.  On December 17, 2002, AHI filed a voluntary petition for insolvency with the Pasig City Regional Trial Court (RTC). On February 27, 2003, the Pasig City RTC declared AHI as insolvent.